Sesame Street’s Elmo and Cookie coming to CBeebies

Elmo & Cookie from Sesame Street

Elmo & Cookie from Sesame Street

Popular Sesame Street characters Elmo and Cookie will be crossing the Atlantic to appear on CBeebies… next Autumn.

The Furchester is a joint collaboration between the BBC and the non-profit Sesame Workshop, and is about a close-knit family of cheerfully incompetent monsters who own and operate an ‘almost’ world-class hotel.

The Furchester aims to promote and build creative problem-solving skills for its young viewers. As the Furchester family scrambles to meet the needs of its guests, the monsters will use some exceptionally fuzzy thinking to devise solutions. Some of the solutions even work! The daily mishaps and mix-ups at The Furchester will provide many opportunities for our young characters to model ways in which pre-schoolers’ natural curiosity and creativity can be harnessed to collaborate and solve problems.

The proprietors of The Furchester are Funella Furchester, the welcoming monster owner, her dear and beleaguered husband, Furgus Fuzz, and their daughter, the unflappable Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz. The family will bend over backwards and forwards and sideways (only occasionally tipping over) to be sure the needs of every guest are met.

Some helpful staffers include: Elmo, Phoebe’s cousin who is on an extended visit and fascinated by all the hotel has to offer—lift buttons to push, phones to be answered, and new friends to make; Cookie Monster, who has landed his dream job as room service and dining-room waiter; and Isabel, a furry creature with a bell on top—guests won’t get any attention until they ring her, but they have to catch her first! Animals, vegetables and minerals flock to this hub of hospitality.

Production of the 52 11-minute programmes begins in the New Year.