School recycling champions make announcement using dead trees

had to groan (the first time) and chuckle (the second time) when over the course of two days I received a pair of identical pieces of paper, given to my daughters, proudly announcing that the school had won the Christmas Card recycling competition.

That’s great! Why did you have to distribute about 100 bits of paper telling me this?

The next challenge is battery recycling. I wonder if we’ll all be given an iPad to announce the result?

(Yes, I know iPads don’t use standard batteries.)

I remain slightly bemused at the amount of paper generated by the school, particularly as they are (a) an “eco school” and (b) use text messaging to announce all manner of things. Particularly as we often receive two of everything, being that our daughters are in different classes.

I can feel the inner administrator in me chomping at the bit. I’m just too busy and too introverted to make suggestions or risk getting involved…