Ready for Ten: New website for parents of kids aged 6-9

A social network for parents of children aged between six and nine years old, Ready for Ten is a new web site run by and for these mums and dads.

If you have struggled to find resources for your six-, seven-, eight- or nine-year-old child, then you’re not alone. That’s the reason Ready for Ten was set up.

The site explains:

“For kids, these years are filled with new skills to master and different ways to exercise a growing sense of independence. There are adventures to be had and boundaries to be explored as kids start to become their own people.

Yet for all that happens in the years before ten, there’s an information gap for parents?

Most parenting resources focus on the baby and toddler years, or the ‘tween and teen years. Finding support and advice can be incredibly time-consuming, especially when you’ve got a busy child to keep you on your toes.”

It’s been designed by Britvic using their Fruit Shoot brand, but the company say they are dedicated to allowing parents to connect and converse, rather than trying to push their products.

Topics on the site include playing, learning, places to go, food and drink, growing kids, kids’ gear, parenting life and ‘funnies’. Each blogger is a parent of at least one child in the target age range, so you can be sure you’re reading thoughts and advice from people who are actually there, living the experience.