Parents: help is at hand from the Digital Nanny!

Digital Nanny logoThe Internet isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of information and advice, but it isn’t a bad place to turn.

The Digital Nanny comes from a source that you can most definitely trust to have the best interests of parents and children at heart: the NSPCC.

Though parents can often feel isolated, stressed and without anyone to turn to when bringing up young children, comes to the rescue with the new Digital Nanny service.

It provides professional advice and support which includes such issues as discipline, communication, tantrums, nutrition and sleep.

Entering the child’s sex and age brings up bespoke information from experts at the NSPCC, including personalised responses.

Of course, it’s not a substitute for getting caring friends and family members around in real life, but sometimes that’s not always possible. At least some fundamentals are covered using this service, and it’s free.