Parents get to understand MySpace and connect with their kids using

myspace.pngThe MySpace MyKids project is a new user-friendly website designed to familiarize parents with social networking and help them protect their kids.

It’s a powerful educational program for parents who want to not only protect their children, but also better understand and connect with their teens.

The MySpace MyKids workshop – the online portion of the project – consists of eight streaming video chapters, covering topics such as, “What is Social Networking?” “The Three Main Threats on MySpace,” “What is MySpace / Set-up an Account,” “The Positive Elements,” “The Negative Elements,” “The Three Areas of Concern,” “Key Action Steps: Online” and “Key Action Steps: Real World.”

Also included in this unparalleled project are smaller optional chapters that address specific areas of MySpace such as protecting and scrubbing a profile. These tools are easily accessible from the MySpace MyKids website. Parents can visit the site, create an account, watch the videos and within a few hours, understand this popular virtual world and know how to protect their kids from predators.

An instructional, in-depth, yet simple companion to the website is the unprecedented book titled MySpace, MyKids: A Parent’s Guide to Protecting Your Kids and Navigating released by Harvest House Publishers. The book is authored by Jason Illian, a cultural expert who has had experience addressing teen issues for over a decade and has worked with teens for a majority of his diverse career. The guide, which was created for the concerned and busy parent, not only helps parents protect their teens and create awareness of the negative, but also explains how MySpace can be a great, positive tool – a second pair of eyes and ears, and a door to help broach sensitive subjects.

Having heard MySpace referred to as “a cyber-secret that teens keep from tech-challenged parents” by Dateline NBC, Illian developed a vision to expose the secret and do what it takes to get parents in the know. “There are dangers in MySpace,” says Illian. “But most of them are preventable. Most parents just need a quick education so that they know what tools are available to them. With over 150 million users, the MySpace online community is a social phenomenon attracting teenagers from around the world. Unfortunately, most parents are ill-equipped to deal with this new form of communication, but we have developed a tool to help.”