Parents believe their kids’ mobile phone use is “out of control”. Enter OmegoMobile

This post was first published at Tech Digest

Parents are increasingly concerned about their children’s use of mobile phones.

Research published today suggests that over four in five British parents (81%) are worried about their children being contacted by strangers, of having their mobile phone stolen, or being a victim of cyber-bullying. That’s despite 71% saying that the phone would be vital in the case of an emergency.

Conversely, 58% of children would hate to have their mobile phone taken way.

The research leads nicely to OmegoMobile, the mobile phone for kids which has been designed to address the concerns of parents.

OmegoMobile puts parents in control of the contact their kids can make on their mobile phone, by letting them add contacts via the web site. The phone can have up to 40 contacts, as well as having an emergency button, plus the ability to create unique ringtones and download photos. It operates on the Toucan Mobile service.

Ensuring the psychological aspect is covered, Dr David Sheffield, reader in biological and health psychology from Staffordshire University, said, “Mobile phones can be a useful way in which children can learn to interact with their friends as well as being an effective safety device. They can also be very easily overused causing problems at home and at school. Parents can and should be actively involved in guiding and controlling the use of their childrenÂ’s phones so that children learn to use them in a healthy and safe way.””

Whether kids are going to be happy that their parents are effectively monitoring who they can and can’t contact is another matter. They also might not appreciate the “funky design” and games – no matter how good they are – if all their mates have got the latest Nokia and Samsung handsets.