Alongside the main dozen Christmas 2015 toys recommended by the Toy Retailers Association in the UK & Ireland, we have a number of categories featuring notable other toys. The Build It And They Will Thrive section features eleven toys, including six LEGO-based kits, plus a range of other construction-focused toys, […]

DreamToys 2015: Build It And They Will Thrive

DreamToys 2015 banner
The Toy Retailers Association in the UK & Ireland has revealed what it believes to be this year’s top 12 toys for Christmas, as well as strong contenders across six other categories including Build It And They Will Thrive; Cute, Cuddly & Smart; Make It, Play It, Love It; Tots […]

DreamToys 2015: Top UK toys for Christmas 2015

Children who come from low-income families are four times more likely to experience mental health issues as those from the richest families, according to new research from the UCL Institute of Education, the Institute of Fiscal Studies and the Rand Corporation. The study estimates that 4.3 million people in the […]

Poorer children have four times the risk of mental health ...

Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s Fertility Unit in Gateshead is set to be the first in the Tyneside region to use cutting edge technology to improve the chances of successful IVF treatment. The new “Embryoscope” technology allows regular 15-minute monitoring of embryo development without having to remove them from their incubator. This […]

New IVF cutting edge tech to improve success in Tyneside

Following the lives of young skaters as they balance home, education and social life with skating commitments, a new 10-part documentary called “Ice Stars” has been commissioned for CBBC. Being filmed on location at the National Ice Centre in Nottingham until May, the series will explore all levels of skater […]

Ice Stars documentary coming to CBBC

A particular hot potato topic on family life is that of where a child thrives best. The traditionally-held belief by many is that the ‘gold standard’ for child-rearing is the heterosexual couple naturally conceiving their children and bringing them up in a stable home from cradle to adulthood. Of course, […]

Does nurture trump nature in children’s wellbeing?

Welcome to this week’s roundup of family-related technology news. It feels very much like a ‘for-against’ week. Some stories highlighting some of the negative aspects when tech is badly or excessively used, while others reveal the positive benefits of tech for children’s education and development. Jump to a story using […]

Family Tech Roundup: Tech and development, celebs ban kids’ Internet, ...

Escargot Escape Artists game
A mobile game design which won a competition organised by the CBBC programme Appsolute Genius has been released. Designed by 12-year-old Alex, a budding game designer, and developed by Aardman Animations, “Escargot Escape Artistes” is an auto-runner game set in the Eiffel Tower. The app follows the adventures of ‘Le […]

CBBC launches mobile app from budding game designer 12-year-old

A well-fed, loved and nurtured baby will be happy and healthy, regardless of whether it is breastfed or bottle-fed. That said, proponents of breastfeeding will no doubt seize upon this Brazilian study to further proclaim that “breast is best”. Following 3,500 infants from birth to adulthood in Brazil, the study […]

Breastfed babies are brainier, richer too, study suggests

Women who put on significant weight before, during or just after birth, or suffer with gestational diabetes, are at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to new research by the US National Institutes of Health. Those who had a BMI of 30+, and who put on an additional […]

Weight gain during pregnancy increases type 2 diabetes risk, study ...

A five-year programme aimed at improving the life chances of looked after children across Wales is set to launch after receiving a £4.75m award from the Big Lottery Fund. Six charities lead by The Fostering Network Wales and including Action for Children, Barnardo’s, The British Association for Adoption and Fostering […]

Confidence in Care consortium aims to improve life chances of ...

The Open Adoption study Both children and adults can benefit from a more open model of adoption, according to a new academic study. Adoptions generally focus on moving the child from the biological parents to the new adoptive parents. Open adoption considers extending the family’s boundary so as to include […]

Open adoption is a positive idea but may only partially ...