I’m coming straight out from the start and declaring that I loathe Halloween. As far as I’m concerned, everything about it is bad. At best, it’s another tacky commercial venture, grossly Americanised, piggybacking on several genuine festivals from ancient cultures. At worst, it encourages antisocial behaviour, is potentially dangerous — […]

The school Halloween fundraiser: so many wrong things in one ...

My eldest daughter’s junior school has taken it upon themselves to use daily assembly to tell every pupil about the “creepy clown” craze which seems to have hit British shores over the past few days. I’m pretty cross about this, and judging by a recent Facebook conversation I’ve observed, I’m […]

Creepy clowns: headteacher decides to tell entire junior school

Are you and your family struggling to use the Internet because it seems to be running slowly? Do the problems only seem to occur intermittently? Has the broadband worked fine and reliably in the past, and you are sure nothing has changed, yet all your devices are struggling to stay […]

Tech Tip: Windows 10 is making my broadband Internet slow

November will see The Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, transformed as it hosts a modern adaptation of Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker”, starring a host of CBeebies favourites. Three performances will feature stars including Justin Fletcher, Cat Sandion and Ben Faulks, together with junior members of The Sheffield People’s Theatre. This modern take on […]

The Nutcracker is this year’s CBeebies Christmas show

I feel a bit sorry for Jamie Oliver. As far as I’m concerned he’s a great chef and has some really good social ideas, such as improving school meals or giving unemployed youth a chance to get into the catering industry. However, he seems to have the “Marmite effect” on […]

Avoid Jamie Oliver’s Paella-gate and just call family food what ...

Dangermouse Snowman Cometh
It’s Christmas! And Danger Mouse (Alexander Armstrong) and Penfold (Kevin Eldon) are tasked with protecting Santa Claus from the villainous clutches of the festive season destroying Snowman. Embarrassingly inept villain The Snowman is fed up with being humiliatingly defeated by Danger Mouse, and decides to get revenge by kidnapping Santa […]

Danger Mouse – Snowman Cometh [CBBC Christmas 2015]

All At Sea - Santa
First broadcast: to be confirmed It’s Christmas in Scarborough. After running up a huge bill downloading movies on his Mum’s phone, Charlie (Ryan Wilkinson) is keen to make some money back so he can give his family the celebration they deserve. He decides to go into business as a Santa […]

All At Sea – Santa [CBBC Christmas 2015]

First broadcast: to be confirmed In this action-packed, fun-filled Christmas extravaganza, Sam and Mark are joined by The Overtones, Wolfblood’s very own Leona Vaughan (who plays Jana), Akai Osei (who plays Nero in 4 O’Clock Club), and Amy-Leigh Hickman (who plays Carmen in Dumping Ground), to kick off the fifth […]

Sam & Mark’s Big Christmas Wind Up [CBBC Christmas 2015]

The BBC has published information on its Christmas lineup of programmes for children, across the CBBC and CBeebies channels. Brief details below, with links to more detailed information. Please check back regularly, as initial information often excludes vital details such as the broadcast date and time. All At Sea – […]

Children’s CBBC/CBeebies Christmas 2015

Swashbuckle Snow Joke - Christmas 2015
First broadcast: Saturday 19 December at 11am to 11.20am BBC has announced a special festive edition of Swashbuckle for Christmas. It will be first shown on the Saturday before Christmas: Join Gem’s daring Swashbucklers as they attempt to win back her jewels from the naughty pirates Cook, Line and Captain […]

Swashbuckle – Snow Joke [CBeebies Christmas 2015]