For most parents in Britain, this is about the time when they start panicking about the impending 6+ week school summer holiday about to descend on them. (Parents in Scotland get this joy about a month earlier and – at time of writing – are already in the middle of […]

How am I going to survive the summer holidays? Help!

Snapchat logo
You’re a good parent and you’re keen to learn about the latest and greatest mobile apps, software, Internet services and online communication tools so you can keep your kids safe and secure without being seen as over-protective or overbearing. Yet you keep reading things in the mainstream media about phone […]

Snapchat: What it is and how to keep your kids ...

Father holding baby
All Hail Father’s Day For too long, it seems, the role of fathers has been sidelined in society. Perhaps because “absent father” is a more common condition and rolls off the tongue with greater ease than “absent mother”; because of the intrinsic belief in many societies that the mother role […]

It’s time to set the record straight on Father’s Day

Thinking about it in the cold light of day, it’s really obvious that a parent has far less than full control over what their children are told, and yet some days there’s a particular sinking realisation of that truth. Today was a pretty crappy day for our eldest daughter. We’d […]

When it hits you that you can’t control everything your ...

Beat the Street
Beat the Street (BTS) has descended upon our county for another year. It’s fair to say I was rather unimpressed with how things panned out last year, but the BTS team assure me all the bugs have been ironed out and they have learnt from previous mistakes, so we’ll see […]

Beat the Street “Live Blog”

It’s that time of year again when The British Toy Retailers Association reveals its lists of “must have” toys for the forthcoming Christmas season. This year, alongside the Top 12 toys (listed below), the TRA has created eight lists of toys in various categories: Action Station Connected Good Game, Good […]

DreamToys 2016: Top UK toys for Christmas 2016

Introduction Cups and Mushrooms is a fun, active game for two teams and is best played with larger groups of children – at least 10 but preferably more. Ideally played in a large space where there is room to run around – indoors or out. Equipment To play Cups and […]

Games: How to Play Cups & Mushrooms

Considering the plethora of technology options available to most people today, and the importance of teaching future generations how to communicate well, I don’t think it unreasonable to expect my daughters’ schools to take the lead on professional — and above all else accurate — communication. Yet I find myself […]

School communication – verdict: could do better

Owning a home for yourself and your family can seem like a faraway dream for many. Saving for a mortgage and house deposit takes a lot of financial dedication. Even after saving for years, you can often feel like you’re only making a small dent in the amount you need. […]

5 Essential Tactics to Help Save for Your First Family ...

The Furchester Hotel will return to CBeebies, featuring a guest appearance from Big Bird. The show, jointly produced by CBeebies and Sesame Workshop, is aimed at 3-6 year-olds and follows the lives of a “close-knit family of cheerfully chaotic monsters”. The Furchester family, who run the hotel, are joined by […]

Furchester Hotel returns to CBeebies

BBC Autumnwatch producers are seeking “on the hop” photos of animals from CBBC viewers. “Get outdoors, find a great autumn spot and ask someone to take a photo of you jumping in the air, or just enjoying the season.” Special Autumnwatch galleries will be created on the CBBC website and […]

BBC Autumnwatch inviting kids to send “on the hop” animal ...

Parents can lose the feelings of guilt the next time their kids turn their noses up at the food prepared for them. That said, parents may ultimately be responsible – through no fault of their own – thanks to their genes. New research from University College London suggests it is […]

Fussy-eaters not the fault of parents, but don’t cheer just ...