Octuplet birth physician was “criminally negligent”, says fertility expert

sperm.jpgEveryone seems to have an opinion on Nadya Suleman, the 33-year-old who now mothers fourteen children.

One of the latest to weigh in is medical director of Georgia Reproductive Specialists, Dr Mark Perloe.

He believes that the physician who treated Suleman is guilty of “criminal negligence” because American Society for Reproductive Medicine guidelines were breached when six embryos were implanted.

Generally only one to two embryos should be transferred via IVF to women under age 35, to a maximum of five for women over 40.

“Transferring six embryos was outside any existing standard,” he said, claiming that his company would not have considered IVF treatment on Suleman at all, due to her back problems and number of existing children.

“There are safe, proven methods for successful single births that significantly reduce the chances of having multiple births,” he said.

I’m sure Perloe isn’t hoping to gain any exposure for his own company from lashing out at another one of his profession, so I won’t link to his web site.