Octonauts: animated ocean adventure starts on CBeebies today 3

Take your little ones on an exploration of the deep sea, as Octonauts launches on CBeebies from today, Monday 4th October.

It’s produced in high definition and using cutting-edge computer-generated animation.

Twenty-five episodes are scheduled, with synopses as follows:

Episode one – The Octonauts And The Whale Shark
When Dashi is accidentally swallowed by a whale shark, the Octonauts venture inside the huge fish to rescue her.

Episode two – The Octonauts And The Undersea Storm
When Kwazii’s Gup-B breaks down in a storm, not even brave Captain Barnacles Bear can save him alone. Fortunately, a chain of reef lobsters lends a hand – and some claws.

Episode three – The Octonauts And The Crab And Urchin
Barnacles and Kwazii investigate a disruption on a nearby reef – a carrier crab and the urchin who lives on its shell just can’t seem to get along.

Episode four – The Octonauts And The Walrus Chief
When Peso’s precious medical kit is taken, Captain Barnacles Bear and Kwazii sneak into a dangerous walrus colony to get it back – disguised as a walrus!

Episode five – The Octonauts And The Flying Fish
When a school of flying fish accidentally make off with a rare book belonging to Professor Inkling, the Octonauts rig up the Gup-B to fly after them and get it back.

Episode six – The Octonauts And The Giant Squid
The Octonauts set out to find and photograph Inkling’s long-lost cousin, the elusive Giant Squid.

Episode seven – The Octonauts And The Orcas
When a huge Orca whale becomes stranded on a beach, Captain Barnacles Bear and the Octonauts devise a plan to pull him back into the water, with some help from a group of tunnelling Fiddler Crabs.

Episode eight – The Octonauts And The Great Algae Escape
Captain Barnacles Bear and crew must catch a runaway Octopod when it’s hijacked by a group of crustaceans trying to escape their algae-infested waters.

Episode nine – The Octonauts And The Remipedes
When Shellington gets lost in a dark sea cave, he gets unexpected assistance from some blind Remipedes.

Episode 10 – The Octonauts And The Speedy Sailfish
When all the Gups go out of control, Captain Barnacles Bear and Kwazii leap onto the backs of speedy Sailfish to round them up.

Episode 11 – The Octonauts And The Blobfish Brothers
The Octonauts must evacuate sea creatures before an underwater volcano erupts, but there’s one creature that won’t budge – a slow-moving, gelatinous Blobfish.

Episode 12 – The Octonauts And The Monster Map
The Octonauts follow an old map to what Kwazii believes is treasure guarded by a sea monster but, instead, they meet a playful Octopus with all kinds of surprising abilities.

Episode 13 – The Octonauts And The Lost Sea Star
When the Octonauts find an unusual sea star on the beach, they search the ocean from top to bottom (literally) to help find its home.

Episode 14 – The Octonauts And The Albino Humpback Whale
The Octonauts help out an albino humpback whale with a nasty sunburn.

Episode 15 – The Octonauts And The Giant Kelp Forest
When Kwazii’s favorite sub, the Gup-B, goes missing, the Octonauts journey into a mysterious kelp forest, meeting strange and interesting creatures along the way.

Episode 16 – The Octonauts And The Enemy Anemones
The Octonauts and some helpless crabs are caught between two territorial groups of aggregating anemones – and their numbers are growing!

Episode 17 – The Octonauts And The Narwhal
While exploring the Arctic, the Octopod gets trapped in the ice. Only Barnacles’s skillful navigation, and the help of a friendly Narwhal, can get them free.

Episode 18 – The Octonauts And The Midnight Zone
While exploring the deepest part of the ocean, the Midnight Zone, the Octonauts discover a strange rock that happens to be home to a new species of worm.

Episode 19 – The Octonauts And The Snapping Shrimp
The Octonauts encounter a snapping shrimp – a small creature that uses its claws to make a big, and stunning, noise.

Episode 20 – The Octonauts And The Snot Sea Cucumber
When a slimy, slippery snot sea cucumber gets loose on the Octopod, Captain Barnacles Bear decides the only way to save it is to flood the ship!

Episode 21 – The Octonauts And The Giant Whirlpool
The Octonauts race against time to rescue Tweak’s pal, a leatherback sea turtle who’s caught in a fast-moving ocean current that’s sucking it into a whirlpool.

Episode 22 – The Octonauts And The Hermit Crabs
When Captain Barnacles Bear and most of the crew are unable to return to base, it’s up to Peso and Tweak to remove a stuck hermit crab from its shell.

Episode 23 – The Octonauts And The Mixed-Up Whales
When the Octonauts clean and repair their ship, the Octopod, the resulting noise causes a nearby blue whale to act in strange and dangerous ways.

Episode 24 – The Octonauts And The Kelp Forest Rescue
When Peso’s little brother, Pinto, comes to visit, he’s more interested in being a pirate than a medic – at least until he accompanies Peso on a mission to rescue Dashi and Shellington in a kelp forest.

Episode 25 – The Octonauts And The Decorator Crab
When important objects go missing from their ship, the Octonauts stake out the thief, who turns out to be a decorator crab stealing their things to decorate his shell.

Each ten-minute programmes initially airs at 4.50pm on weekdays, but is repeated elsewhere on the CBeebies channel and will also be available via the BBC iPlayer.

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