New Look Baby Care Gift Pack: “All Mum Needs for Baby” 1

Green People has introduced its NEW LOOK Baby Care Gift Pack, a “must have” for all mums.

The packs contain only pure, organic ingredients and are mild formulations that protect baby’s skin.

The 4 handy sizes include:

Lavender Baby Wash:– A gentle and natural cleansing wash for baby’Â’s body, hair and nappy area, extra concentrated so it lasts and lasts. Scented with gorgeous French Lavender & Mandarin.

Chamomile Baby Wash:– Mild & Non-irritating for everyday use on babyÂ’’s sensitive skin, keeping it super soft. Scented with soothing Chamomile for a night time bath.

green-people-organic-babies-baby-care-gift-pack.jpgMum & Baby Moisturiser: A deliciously light, Lavender scented lotion for mum and baby to share, specially developed for sensitive skin. Lovely to use for a night time massage to soothe baby into a restful sleep.

Baby Salve:– Green PeopleÂ’’s wonder ‘productÂ’, a rich water-resistant salve which creates a barrier for the skin to protect against dampness, perfect for the nappy area. This 100% organic salve is great for irritated, sore and sensitive skin and is suitable for those prone to eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Scented with calming Lavender.

RRP £12.99
Green People

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