NCT Nearly New Sales offer quality kids clothing for less

The National Childbirth Trust is currently promoting its Nearly New Sales. These are a great way for cash-strapped parents to buy high-quality children’s clothing and equipment for much less than they’d pay in the shops. At the same time it raises money for the charity to be able to continue its support work.

Nearly New Sales offer new and soon-to-be parents the chance to buy used toys, clothes and other products for up to a 70% saving on the brand new price.

It also offers other families the chance to clear out things they no longer need and make a bit of cash from it, without the hassles and uncertainty of online auctions.

Clothes and equipment must be in excellent condition, and most sellers make more than £60. Sellers keep up to 70% of the proceeds while the rest is returned to fund NCT’s vital services and support for parents.

The NCT reckons the Persil-sponsored sales prevent over 300 tonnes of baby clothes and equipment going to landfill. Often these items are of very high quality because they’re used for a relatively short period of time. Passing them on to another family helps everyone out, not least the environment.

The Sales are not just for NCT members and are open to everyone. On average, parents spend £25, which could buy bedding, a changing station, a moses basket, travel cot or baby bath.

Find out more at or call NCT Enquiries on 0300 330 0770. There are currently over 750 sales organised each year so there’s bound to be one nearby.

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