Mums look to online advice to avoid the judgement of others 1

According to new research by child medicine manufacturer Tixylix, modern mums are jumping online to find advice and support on parenting issues because they feel less judged than in other, more traditional environments.

Just two percent of mums surveyed said they felt judged by online peers, compared to one-quarter who felt judged by their neighbours and other mums at the school gate.

Unsurprisingly, at least for its fair share of (possibly untrue) anecdotal evidence, 26% of those who responded said that their mother-in-law was the most judgemental about parenting issues.

It’s not all online meetings though, with events like coffee mornings regularly attended by 54% of mums. Then again, one in five mums regularly log on to parenting sites when they need advice in a hurry.

Parenting expert Dr Jenny Leonard said, “The findings reflect a growing trend for modern mums to seek advice and support from a wider range or sources than ever before. The internet in particular allows mums to feel connected to the outside world and to seek answers to parenting questions
quickly and also without feeling embarrassed or judged.”

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