Mums: Get daily pregnancy tips via Twitter 1

twitter-march-of-dimes.gifDo you know what Twitter is?

It’s an online service which allows anyone to share 140-character snippets of information about themselves, what they’re doing, and what’s important to them. It’s a bit like text messaging on the Internet.

March of Dimes has announced that it’s providing daily pregnancy tips – or “tweets” – for mums via the service.

It’s available in both English and Spanish.

“We’re using all the new technology that’s available to us to help women make sense of the latest medical and scientific research,” said Beverly Robertson, national director of the Pregnancy & Newborn Health Education Center at the March of Dimes. “This service is in whatever format you want it. You can get it on your cell phone via text message, through instant messaging and online. The March of Dimes already has almost 1,000 Twitter followers around the country.”

Talking of Twitter, you can get updates from the Family Relationships Magazine here

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  • StephanieInCA

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    I don’t agree with some commentators who suggest that there are Nazi overtones (German engineering+babies, get it?), but I did kind of take offense, which is unusual for me.

    You can watch one of the ads here: — I’d be interested to hear your take.

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