Mother wins right to keep baby a secret from father, court rules 2

A mother has won the right to keep the birth of her baby, conceived on a one night stand, a secret from the biological father.

Though the county court ruled that the 20-year-old had to tell both her parents and the father, the Court of Appeal ruled that the mother had “the ultimate veto” over who was told about the birth.

Naturally, fathers’ groups were unhappy, saying that the child was now treated as the property of the mother, “to be disposed of as she sees fit.

The mother said that she wanted the 19-week-old baby to be adopted.

John Baker, chairman of Families Need Fathers, said that, “A strong message seems to be sent that makes fathers redundant in the upbringing of children,” while Fathers 4 Justice barrister Michael Cox said, “This father is the victim of a wicked deceit in which the State has been complicit. It is now clear that the Government believes children have no entitlement to a relationship with their fathers and that children are the property of their mothers and of the State.”

It’s a difficult situation. I’m all for the rights of fathers (despite the dubious methods some advocacy groups use to get their message across).

We don’t know whether the father, who showed precious little regard for the consequences after having this brief liaison with the young woman, would even want to take responsibility for the child. However, perhaps he should at least have been given the choice.

Without wanting to sound flippant, is this another case that will end up on the Jeremy Kyle Show in a couple of years’ time?

What do you think? Should biological fathers, however unintentionally they may have became that, always have equal rights to the welfare of their children as the mother does? Should everything be decided on a case-by-case basis?

(Via BBC News)

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