Most British families eating at home, survey finds

knife-fork-plate.pngFeeding a growing family can be expensive enough without dining out on a regular basis, so it’s perhaps little surprise that a new survey has found that nearly three-quarters of British families are choosing to eat home-cooked meals rather than in restaurants.

Almost three-quarters (73%) of those families asked said that they would opt for home-cooked food over takeaways. Get help with your home cooking with Aggie MacKenzie’s cookery book.

Respondents were also less likely to spend time in the pub, with 40% of family respondents saying that they would spend more time drinking at home, while 11% were more likely to venture out to the pub in the next 12 months than they had done previously.

Families with children were shown to be more cost-conscious across these activities than single people and couples. 57% of couples and 54% of singles agreed that they would be more likely to eat at home rather than dining out.

Roughly the same percentages – 57% of couples and 55% of singles – said they would opt for home-cooked food over a takeaway. Only 31% of couples and 22% of singles said they were more likely to drink alcohol at home rather than going out, while 13% of couples and 24% of single people said they were now more likely to head out to the pub.

Other statistics included:

  • 75% of families intend to spend less of their household expenditure on going out to the pub or restaurants, compared to 58% of both couples and single people
  • 73% of families said they would spend less on going out to the cinema or theatre, compared to 56% of couples and 57% of singles
  • 69% of families intend to cut back on sporting events, compared to 56% of couples and 51% of singles
  • 63% of families will cut back on their holidays and travel, compared to 45% of couples and 46% of singles
  • 56% of families intend to spend less on in-home entertainment, compared to 47% of couples and 43% of singles

So that’s the figures, but what do you think? Have you altered your food spending patterns in the current economic climate?