More British grandparents caring for grandchildren than ever before, research suggests

New research from Metanium suggests that British grandparents are more involved than ever with the care of their grandchildren.

Some five million grandparents now spend three days per week caring for their grandchildren.

Childcare is major source of concern for working parents. Cost is a key factor, but trust is even more important – and an increasing number of mums and dads are solving the problem by keeping it in the family and turning to their own parents for help

Statistics show that the percentage of children receiving care from their grandparents is on its way to being tripled from 33% in the 1930s to 82% today.

Unlike the grandparents of the 1930s, todayÂ’s grandparents have sophisticated toys, gadgets and electronic devices to help in their childcare role. In spite of that, good old fashioned cuddles, walks and snuggling up with a book are still favourite activities.