Money is the root of all kinds of relationship problems 1

It’s said to be one of the main reasons of relationship problems and even breakups – finances can split an otherwise healthy partnership in two.

This can be caused by differences in how partners believe money should be handled, or one person taking all the responsibility (and possibly blame) of the family finances.

It’s one of the perspectives that needs to be right.

Partners should take equal responsibility for ensuring that money is wisely spent and saved.

Without it, stress surfaces, and causes problems.

tress expert and family doctor Dr Roger Henderson says money sickness syndrome could affect up to half the UK adult population. More than ten million people admit money worries have caused them problems in a relationship. And nearly one in five people say that anxiety over their finances has damaged their sex life.

New couples should talk about money early on, and devise a budget and a strategy for money.

It can be harder for more established couples to raise the subject: habits will be harder to break and just having the conversation can lead to dispute. Even so, it should be done.

Maintaining open dialogue on finances doesn’t mean that a family will never have money worries, but communicating and keeping each other in the picture will lessen the friction, and allow a joint plan of action to be followed.

Inspired by (and quote taken from) article Money worries ‘harm relationships and health’.

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