Middle classes turn to Twitter for illicit affairs

Twitter logoI’ve been watching the increasing threat of the Internet on the marriage relationship for over five years now, and it seems not a month goes by without another story about how technology is luring the weak into extra-marital relationships.

The latest story to hit my email inbox is that of middle class adulterers using Twitter to conduct illicit affairs.

While the micro-messaging service Twitter has many great uses, it’s also proving to be a tempting virtual space for people to hook up with each other.

As we’ve already seen, lawyers are probing social networks for evidence of infidelity.

Divorce-Online.co.uk studied over 1,000 behaviour divorce petitions produced by the divorce service between December 31st 2009 and June 30th 2010 for the word Twitter and found that 102 (10%) of the petitions looked at found that the micro- blogging service had been mentioned in a word search of their behaviour allegation data.

Looking deeper into a sample of those petitions, they found that the majority of the errant spouses (72%) were men aged between 35-45 and were earning above £40,000

The common themes in these divorce petitions were that the errant spouse was using Twitter to either conduct affairs or flirt with members of the opposite sex and their spouses had found out and were using this in their behaviour allegations.