Majority of parents see video games of benefit to their children, survey finds

sony-ps3.jpgAlthough excessive use may discourage children from physical exercise, a new study suggests that parents can see the benefits of them playing video games.

Though one may be sceptical as the research was commissioned by Sony (the company which makes the PlayStation consoles), it does suggest that children are learning to think strategically by playing them.

  • Nearly three-quarters of parents questioned said that their children’s problem-solving skills had improved since they started playing video games;
  • Well over three-quarters saw a marked improvement in typing skills from playing PC/online games;
  • Seven in ten parents said that their kids play games online with other people either sometimes or all the time;
  • Four in five parents said their children played video games in a common area of the house.

The survey, which was conducted on Yahoo!’s “Shine” website, found that around nine out of ten parents spent time playing video games with their children. This sits well with a survey carried out last year by PopCap Games, which showed that casual computer games can help parents and children bond.

“The good news is that parents are involved with and aware of what their kids are playing,” said Sony Online Entertainment’s president, John Smedley. “The even better news is that parents and kids are playing together.”