Live web chat: Get Your Kids Eating Good Food Without the Fuss

Tomorrow (Friday 24th April) at 1.30pm (BST) there’s a live web chat entitled Get Your Kids Eating Good Food… Without The Fuss!.

Parent Coach Lorraine Thomas joins us live online to answer questions about encouraging your children to eat more healthily.

When you ask your little ones what they’d like for dinner, it’s usually a resounding chorus of chicken nuggets and chips! Most of us would fall off our chair if our kids asked for anything that was good for them. Instead mums are often forced to resort to ‘stealth tactics’ to get our kids to eat good food and therefore get the nutrients they need.

Research by Hovis Best of Both shows that crucial fibrous foods such as vegetables, brown or wholemeal bread and fruit are among the top things that mums struggle to get their kids eating – the very foods that help make up part of a balanced diet for growing bodies. Some of us have smuggled vegetables into foods they will eat, while others will play fun games at the dinner table or bribe them with pudding just to finish their plate. As a result, breakfast time, preparing lunchboxes and actually getting the kids of the door in the morning prove the most stressful times of day for mums.

The study shows many of us are so fed up with the constant dinner table battles that we’ve given up trying to feed our kids food they don’t like altogether. Whilst letting them pick and choose what they eat might lead to a quieter life, this often means foods like vegetables and brown bread are left to one side, in favour of unhealthy and nutritionally poor food.

Whether you’re at your wits end, or just after some tips on giving your family the best of both worlds at mealtimes, help is at hand! Chief Executive of The Parent Coaching Academy, Lorraine Thomas will be joining us in the studio to talk about giving your family a healthy diet without the fuss… Send your questions in now!

You can watch the show and send in your questions by visiting the webchats portal.