Little Lunalu designer clothing helps disadvantaged children

Are you keen on dressing your baby or toddler in designer clothing but have struggled to justify the cost of doing so?

If so, Little Lunalu’s collection of clothing from over forty trendy brands could be for you.

Not only is their Spring/Summer 2010 range meant to be more accessible and affordable, but 5% of all purchases made goes straight to The Little Lunalu Foundation which supports charities helping disadvantaged children.

You can see the complete collection at the Little Lunalu web site.

Labels include American Apparel’s cool baby basics and funky extras like leopard-print tights from Swedish designers Popup Shop, through to ‘mini-me’ items like Hunter wellies and Baby Bloch’s exquisite ballerina shoes for little girls.

As well as stocking a number of exclusive collections, the store also offers its very own range of stylish sunglasses, including bang-on-trend gold-rimmed aviators for just £10, plus a collection of unique stroller covers and footmuffs for Bugaboos, created by the founder of Little Lunalu – available in five different designs such as a trendy houndstooth print,
camouflage and paisley.

Little Lunalu’s founder, Adina Belloli, says, “My passion has always been working with disadvantaged children. I’ve been a volunteer since the age of 12 and it’s just part of who I am. The other thing I’ve always enjoyed is fashion and, although they’re polar opposites, I’ve found a way to combine them both through Little Lunalu. When my daughter, Luna, was born, I realised that there were other mums out there who, like me, wanted to have more urban products for their children but just didn’t know where to find them. I decided to solve that by creating the online shop. But, staying true to my real passion for helping disadvantaged children, I also opened The Lunalu Foundation and give 5% of all our sales to this entity which, in turn, provides support to charitable organisations across the world such as Global Action for Children.”