Little Helper Fun Pod: food, fun, and safety for toddlers in the kitchen

funpod.jpgThere are over 42,500 toddlers under the age of 5 who are taken to UK hospitals because of kitchen related accidents every year, and that number doesnÂ’t take into account the thousands of minor accidents that are remedied by a cuddle and a bit of TLC.

The Little Helper Fun Pod™ is an innovative new product that not only keeps toddlers out of harm’s way but also encourages them to get involved in the kitchen.The Fun Pod provides the toddler with a safely constructed platform, enabling them to see what’s happening in the kitchen, being able to interact with their parents, but without any danger of toppling over.

The Fun Pod™ is also the ideal place to get your youngster involved with the exciting process of preparing food and cooking a meal. Between the ages of one and five years children form many of their habits and opinions that will mould their later lives. This is an essential time to be teaching them how to live a healthy life with healthy foods and attitudes.

The Fun Pod™ was invented by mum Kim Johnson out of her own need to keep her daughter safe and entertained whilst she was in the kitchen. It has been well received by both health professionals and dieticians who think that it a fantastic tool for educating children about food, which can only help to combat this worrying childhood obesity epidemic. But more
importantly parents and children love it too!

The Fun Pod™ is available in four contemporary colourways. It has five adjustable height settings for walking children aged between one and five years and a specially designed anti-tip base and lockable footplate. The Fun Pod™ conforms to all relevant European safety regulations.

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