Leeds family forced to live in car because of appalling temporary accommodation offers 1

A family of three say that they have been forced to live in their Ford Mondeo car because, since they have were made homeless in May last year, they have been taken off the priority list for Leeds City Council housing because they turned down accommodation they felt was unsuitable.

Ms Prestwich said: “We saw one place at Broadlea Hill in Bramley, where huge gangs of yobs roam the streets.

“While we were there, some yobs were throwing bricks at passing cars, just for fun.

“We were warned not to take the place by neighbours. It was not a safe, we would rather stay in the car,” said Duncan, who finds his hunt for joinery work hampered by lack of a permanent address.

Previously staying with Duncan’s mother, they had to move out of the one-bedroom council flat as it was too small and broke the terms of her tenancy agreement.

They eek out a survival existence by using the car heater on cold nights, wrapping up in lots of clothes and duvets, and keeping possessions and clothing at the homes of relatives.

“Why should they accept disgraceful accommodation just because they are desperate? They should never have been taken off the priority list,” said MP for North East Leeds, Fabian Hamilton.

“We would urge them to accept the temporary housing offered to them, giving them a roof over their heads so we can work on finding them permanent accommodation,” said a spokesperson for Leeds North East Homes.

Perhaps some of these spokespeople would like to live in some of the accommodation they offer, and see how they get on with bricks being thrown at them. Yes, a bit of a step down from the leafy suburban lifestyle, I admit, but maybe then they’d see why desperation shouldn’t be used as an excuse to dish out unfit housing.

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  • Jamie Wallis

    I agree when you say perhaps some of the spokespeople should live in the accomodation they talk about. This has affected some people I know. On another note, I write about some of these issues for a company which I won’t name here. But, I have lots of articles on marriage and separation which may be of interst to the readers here. Could I post some of them?

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