Learn the secrets of par-entrepreneurship and create a business you and your family will love

Are you a parent with a spark of entrepreneurship? Do you know how to take that forward? Or is it just a pipe dream the you don’t believe could ever happen?

As we move through life, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut. Particularly as parents, we also feel responsible for providing for our family; for our children as they grow up.

Maybe you have a fulfilling career and a good work-life balance. That’s great… I’d suggest you’re a fortunate minority.

Many working mums and dads are in jobs where they’re overworked, unfulfilled, and their work-life balance sucks to a point where they feel as if they don’t spend enough quality time with their families. Headless Chicken Syndrome also kicks in.

It’s at times like this when dreams of self-employment swell up within. Yet with so much going on already, and with the nag of responsibility and a steady wage, it can be nigh impossible to take the time to even investigate if running a business from home is feasible – never mind start it.

Perhaps you’ve taken a leap of faith and started working on a ‘sideline’ business in your spare time (whatever “spare time” is…) That’s an amazing step – and now you’re wondering if you could make it your full-time business.

Take a moment to think about what you’d like most for you and your family.

What would it take for you to get there?

If you have even a tiny spark of interest in “parentrepreneurship” (being both a parent and an entrepreneur) then I’ve got an exciting free video course to tell you about…

From Monday 10th October join Julie Merrett (Occupational Therapist, Productivity Mindset Coach and bestselling author) as she interviews 21 successful entrepreneurs who talk about how to take that leap and create your own business.

Every day, one 30-minute video will be released containing both motivational and practical advice that could transform what you do.

Speakers include Derek Rydall, Stephanie Nickolich, Jo Davison, Kim Ades and Heather Havenwood.

The summit is completely free. Find half-an-hour each day to watch the videos and your work and family life could be transformed.

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Disclosure: Julie is my wife. I am promoting this summit because I have seen ‘behind the scenes’ how many experts have given their time and advice and I do believe it offers immense value.