Larry King ready to divorce seventh wife

Larry King Seeks 8th Divorce

Brits may not recognise the name Larry King, unless they are avid fans of American chat shows, but the talking point here is just how many wives he has got through.

News today suggests that he is ready to divorce his seventh wife (and in fact has filed for divorce eight times).

In fact, with his seventh wife Shawn Southwick he’s done rather well as (celebrity) marriages go — managing 13 years and having two sons with her.

However, it all sounds pretty acrimonious now, with reports that King is petitioning a judge not to award 50-year-old Southwick spousal support or transfer of property to her.

He’s also seeking joint custody of the kids, while his wife wants sole custody.

The guy is getting on a bit, though, and as Southwick was only 28 years his junior, perhaps he’s looking for a younger model to take him into his octogenarian years.