Justin Fletcher reveals new Gigglebiz characters

Justin Fletcher in Gigglebiz

Justin Fletcher in Gigglebiz

Hugely popular CBeebies show Gigglebiz, featuring the highly versatile Justin Fletcher, returns this Autumn with a diverse range of wacky, hilarious characters to keep preschoolers entertained.

New characters include prehistoric cave-dwellers Ug & Ig, gardener Will Barrow, storyteller Storybook Stan, infuriating minstrel Will Singalot and enthusiastic wildlife-park guide Sue Keeper.

Justin also plays the flamboyant Strictly-style ballroom-dancer Enrico Paso Doblé, who tries to make it to the end of the routine in spite of constant distractions – a telephone call, hunger, or the tails of his coat getting caught in a door.

Another new character, tap dancer Dan Step, is thrown off his dancing stride as he encounters prop malfunctions throughout his routines. There’s even more dancing mayhem in a new strand, Silly Time, when the Gigglebiz characters do silly dances.

They’ll join a number of old favourites in the 26 quarter-hour-long programmes.

Justin describes his inspiration for new characters, and says that they’re not always instant. “I’m always on the look out for new characters. Some of them I created 17 years ago as a young drama student and others are very new. It’s great to have the opportunity to bring my characters to life. Ideas can come from anywhere. I’ve always noticed people’s mannerisms and voices and then used them to develop new characters.”

“I think that children love to watch the different characters because they make them laugh. Whether Ann Teak is knocking a priceless vase off a table or Keith Fitt is passing on his sporting tips, every sketch is full of funny moments and that seems to keep children entertained!”

Favourite characters returning in series three include pantomime dame Nana Knickerbocker, explorer Rapids Johnson and news announcer Arthur Sleep. Also returning is Captain Adorable, who is now having adventures in space on his very own spacecraft.

The Gigglekids return, as children tell their favourite jokes to camera, and in a new strand, Justin joins children on screen for the best Knock Knock jokes.

A brand-new mobile game featuring Captain Adorable in space, and brand-new desktop games with a host of Gigglebiz characters are set to launch. There will be even more giggles on the CBeebies website with exclusive clips and funny facts about some of the new characters. The CBeebies Grownups website will feature an interview with Justin about his comedy heroes and influences, interviews with a selection of the new characters and out-takes from the series.