Justin Fletcher shows off his house on CBeebies 2

Taking a look at the most popular topics here at Family Relationships Magazine it’s plain to see there are a lot of Justin Fletcher fans out there. Preschoolers who already love Gigglebiz will love to see Justin return in his very own house.

Naturally, being Justin’s house, the whole experience is bound to be crazy (in a good way, of course).

Justin will entertain a live theatre audience of 3-6-year-olds with a mix of singing, dancing and comedy chaos in panto-party style. He’s helped by Robert, his Robot Butler; Little Monster, a lightening fast trickster and Dee Livery, the Unicycling Delivery Lady.

With special guests dropping by, catchphrases galore, inclusive games and lots of slapstick, there are plenty of opportunities for the children to get involved. The theatre and TV audiences are invited to interact, play and sing along with all the activities that Justin undertakes.

There will be 22 shows in total. We’re not yet sure when the series will first air but keep a look out on the CBeebies web site to find out more.

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