New IVF cutting edge tech to improve success in Tyneside

Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s Fertility Unit in Gateshead is set to be the first in the Tyneside region to use cutting edge technology to improve the chances of successful IVF treatment.

The new “Embryoscope” technology allows regular 15-minute monitoring of embryo development without having to remove them from their incubator.

This in turn allows embryologists to identify the healthiest embryos with the best chance of implantation and reduced risk of miscarriage.

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Consultant gynaecologist and clinical lead for fertility services the hospital, Ian Aird, commented, “When eggs fertilise and grow as embryos, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that, if you just had a single static observation per day, you would miss.

“The use of time lapse imaging means that embryos do not need to be removed from the incubator for daily monitoring, maintaining a more stable temperature and environment.”

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