Investing for Beginners: Remember the Five “Ps” to Guide Your Efforts 1

The article which was in place here has been removed.

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As none of the contact methods on their web site work, and the email address from which their removal request bounced all messages, we were unable to negotiate to keep the content. Ironically, these very facts (breaking of contracts, inability to contact) — together with the inappropriate nature of their web site content — means that we would not recommend their services to any of our readers in any case.

One thought on “Investing for Beginners: Remember the Five “Ps” to Guide Your Efforts

  • Conservative Investor

    I would highly recommend spending a significant amount of time understand the fundamentals of foreign exchange before jumping in. Technical analysis can be tricky if used without a clear understanding of the mechanics of foreign exchange including the impact of central bank manipulations. Once you begin, concentrate on on currency pair – it will make your life easier.

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