Internet is undermining marriage

Last year I wrote about the threat of virtual adultery and today another article from Australia suggests that the increased use of the Internet for forming relationships and dating is undermining the Australian marriage.

Marriage counsellors have received updated training to deal with this new threat: bottom-line, it’s still adultery, but very much 21st century, technology based, often even more covert and secretive than traditional affairs.

New university research shows as many as 50 per cent of people dabbling in online romances are already in relationships and many are having multiple affairs.

“It’s happening more and more often, particularly over the past three years,” said Eric Hudson, the western Sydney manager for counselling network Relationships Australia.

“A client will come in to talk about their partner having a relationship on the internet. The internet gives people anonymity. It allows them to create a slightly different persona and a life that’s a little different from their own.”

The Australian trend echoes the experience in countries such as Britain and the US.

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