How to keep baby warm outside this winter: top tips from BABYBJÖRN 1

BABYBJÖRNBarely an inch of the United Kingdom has escaped the cold blast of snow and ice over the past week, so it’s more important than ever to know how to keep the littlest members of your family snuggly warm and safe when out and about.

Thanks to BABYBJÖRN, makers of clothing and accessories, we have four handy tips for keeping the winter chills away from your baby.

  1. Easy-on, easy-off outer layers provide an extra buffer against winter weather. Once your baby is dressed in his outfit for the day, you can simply slip him into a snowsuit before heading out.
  2. Cover up head, fingers and toes. Even the warmest jumper can’t make up for heat lost from an uncovered head. And babies’ tiny hands and feet are particularly vulnerable to cold exposure. Pull some mittens on the hands and some booties on the feet. (And if your baby sucks on his hands, be sure to keep an extra pair of dry mittens handy!)
  3. Once indoors, take at least one layer off your baby so he won’t perspire. Otherwise, the dampness will make him colder when you get back out in the winter air.
  4. Do NOT wrap and button your coat around your baby carrier. While it might feel instinctual, to do so actually endangers your child. It is important that babies are warm enough in their own clothes, and that your carrier is worn over your own coat.

And just to demonstrate BABYBJÖRN’s Cover for Baby Carrier, we have two lovely models (well, four really) showing it off. Look, it’s just as stylish for the dads as well as the mums, so there’s really no excuses.

More practical than a blanket, the Cover for Baby Carrier will stay put in all weather conditions, protecting your baby from the elements. The soft, breathable fleece fabric will keep out the wind, rain and cold and keep baby’s fingers and toes toasty. The removable reversible hood allows you to carry baby facing forward or backwards. The cover fits all BABYBJÖRN Baby Carriers and can be left on the carrier when you take the baby out, or used as a blanket for car seats, prams and buggies.

BABYBJÖRN Cover for Baby Carrier is machine washable and available in City Black and City Blue, RRP £29.99.

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