How to Grow Great Kids: the instruction manual for parents?

I’ve just been told about a new book (released last November) by Allison Lee.

How To Grow Great Kids: The Good Parents Guide to Rearing Sociable, Confident and Healthy Children might be thought of as the missing instruction manual for parents seeking to raise their kids the best way possible.

With over fifteen years of experience working with kids, Allison has a great deal of knowledge to share. She comments, “There is not and never will be a quick and easy way to getting your kids to eat a healthy diet and stay active. However, what I would say is that children copy their parents` attitudes to life and therefore the onus is on us to help our children to lead a fit, active and healthy lifestyle.”

The book is split into two sections. Part One will help you to:

  • Encourage your child’s social and self-help skills
  • Manage your child’s behaviour successfully
  • Promote your child’s emotional wellbeing

The second part starts with the stages of development from birth through to adolescence and shows you how to:

  • Produce healthy balanced meals
  • Minimise the risks of allergies and intolerances
  • Avoid unhealthy foods

Full of information to guide you as your baby grows into a young adult, this book provides informal, friendly advice to be read cover to cover, or dipped into for support when needed.

Available for a RRP of £10.99 from all good bookstores including Amazon (click here to buy online)