Hispanic community gets new online safety resources for kids


Stop Internet Predators has announced its new Spanish website, designed to raise awareness of the new Internet technologies that can pose a threat to children.

October is both National Hispanic Heritage Month and Cyber Security Awareness Month, so it’s a fitting time to launch the resource.

Many of the fifteen advocacy groups that have joined the campaign are happy about the opportunity Stop Internet Predators has to discuss child safety issues specifically with the Hispanic community.

Alma Morales Riojas, President and CEO of MANA, A National Latina Organization, is featured in a video on the site explaining how important it is for the Hispanic community to be informed, to fully understand the new threats and to take the necessary action. “MANA welcomes the opportunity to utilize this new website as a platform to empower Latinas to alert themselves and their families of the possible threats brought by new technologies like Google ‘Street View’.”

More information about the campaign and a complete list of partners is available at www.StopInternetPredators.org.