Half of all preteens have mobile phone, survey finds

By the time children have reached secondary school, aged around 12, one in two have been given a mobile phone by their parents. That’s according to a new survey by The Trust for Study of Adolescence.

By the time they reach the age of 15, four out of five teenagers will have a mobile phone.

Mobile-owning kids will make an average of eight calls per week and send 25 texts, though they probably won’t pay the bill.

What we appear to have here are two separate reasons for kids and teenagers having a phone.

On the one hand, parents want the reassurance of being able to contact their children either by call or text.

On the other, kids see the latest smart phones on the market and they want one. Unfortunately, it can lead to oneupmanship and peer pressure.

Both points of view tend to lead to many kids getting hold of their own phone.

If you’re a parent concerned about whether your child should have their own phone, you might find some of the following resources useful: