Guide for families coping with the death of a loved one

New book helps parents help kids deal with the grieving process

Phyllis Silverman, Harvard Professor, and Madelyn Kelly, a CBS producer and writer, have written a guide for parents who are dealing with the loss of a loved one and are trying to help their children through the process of grieving. A Parent’s Guide to Raising Grieving Children: Rebuilding Your Family after the Death of a Loved One was just published by Oxford University Press.

Silverman and Kelly both have the wisdom and experience to compassionately discuss these sensitive issues.

Silverman has spent decades researching and interviewing hundreds of bereaved families at the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Children’s Room. She has received many awards for her work and is recognized internationally as a leader in the field of bereavement. The co-principal investigator of the pioneering Harvard Child Bereavement Study, her books include Widow to Widow: How the Bereaved Help Each Other and Never Too Young to Know: Death in Children’s Lives.

Kelly is a writer and television news producer, and the mother of two sons. Her husband, the writer/columnist/editor Michael Kelly, was the first American journalist to be killed in the Iraq war, in 2003. She edited a compilation of his work, Things Worth Fighting For: Collected Writing.

A PARENT’S GUIDE to RAISING GRIEVING CHILDREN offers parents wise guidance on virtually every aspect of childhood loss. Besides advice, though, parents will also find solace – and perhaps a measure of hope from this book. Drawing on groundbreaking research into what bereaved children are really experiencing, and quoting real conversations with parents and children who have walked that road, the book will allow readers to see what others have learned from mourning and surviving the death of a loved one.

As Silverman and Kelly explain, “We aren’t going to tell you how you should be feeling, what you should be doing, or how to behave. We know that no two people grieve in the same way or deal with their grief in the same way. We will give you advice, though, and try to point you in directions that might help.”

A PARENT’S GUIDE to RAISING GRIEVING CHILDREN has been praised by Dr. Phil McGraw who said, “Silverman and Kelly have written a definitive yet readable book to help parents of children who are lost in an intimidating new world of loss. At a time when the pain of loss can paralyze both thought and feeling, this guide will be a road map to coping and moving to better days. A must book in every parent’s library.”