Grandmother tries to sue US Postal Service over fruitcake

Fruit cakeI’m not quite sure what to make of this story. An 88-year-old grandmother, Lucille Greene, who every year sent a quantity of home baked fruit cake to her friends and relatives, was allegedly humiliated in December 2002 when she arrived at her local post office in Magnolia to post her bounty.

Apparently a postal worker quizzed her “What kind of explosives do you have in here?” and then shook the box.

She said that others in the post office laughed at her, leaving her upset and in tears. When she left the PO, she tripped over a concrete parking barrier and fell, breaking her glasses and chipping a tooth.

I’m not sure her claim for $250,000 in damages was ever going to go through (it didn’t) but the judge was sympathetic to her cause, saying that the clerk “was likely being less than courteous” despite following standard procedures for suspicious packages.

OK just one thing: since when was it standard procedure to shake a package you suspect contains explosives?

Lucille sent a couple of cakes to her lawyer this year.