Gadget Watch: B(l)aby belt, Memoir digital photo frame

Welcome to Family Relationships Magazine’s weekly roundup of family-friendly gadgets.

B(l)aby belt

baby-beltThough currently only a prototype, the B(l)aby belt is like a hi-fi system for the womb.

It’s a wide, contoured belt equipped with a touch-sensitive digital music player and three vibration-based speakers that effectively transmit music directly into the womb.

Based on research which suggests that music (particularly classical) may help boost children’s intelligence, Canadian design student Geof Ramsay built the device.

It’s not commercially available yet but Ramsay is looking for developers.

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Memoir digital photo frame

skyla-memoir-fs80-digital-photo-frame-scannerDigital photo frames are pretty popular these days. They allow you to view the photos taken on your digital camera or stored on your PC and have all sorts of fancy features.

However, getting the images on to the frame has potentially been a stumbling block for those not so au fait with technology, particularly if the photos are prints.

Here’s a solution from Skyla. The Memoir FS80 digital photo frame is also a scanner, so you can add those printed pictures that you haven’t got round (or been able) to get onto your computer.

It has a decent eight-inch colour screen and a slot at the bottom for feeding in photographs. It can even be used as the “go-between” for getting photos onto a computer thanks to its standard USB port – the same as you find on most modern PCs and digital cameras.

It costs around £178 and will be available from the end of this month.

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