Furchester Hotel returns to CBeebies

Furchester Hotel

The Furchester Hotel will return to CBeebies, featuring a guest appearance from Big Bird.

The show, jointly produced by CBeebies and Sesame Workshop, is aimed at 3-6 year-olds and follows the lives of a “close-knit family of cheerfully chaotic monsters”.

The Furchester family, who run the hotel, are joined by Sesame Street favourites Elmo and the Cookie Monster.

“The Furchester Hotel aims to promote and build creative problem-solving skills for young viewers. As the Furchester family scramble to meet the needs of their very big guest [Big Bird], the monsters use their exceptional thinking skills to brainstorm possible solutions. Even when they think they have exhausted all possibilities, their perseverance prevails because their family motto is ‘A Furchester never gives up!'”

The new 5-episode series will include more music, creative problem-solving, and physical comedy including slapstick and farce.

Storylines include an Aquarium Suite for fish guests, a visit from famous “fur stylist” Vidal Raccoon, and the much anticipated arrival of Count von Count.

Big Bird will also read the CBeebies Bedtime Story on Tuesday 1 November, Birdsong by Ellie Sandall, about a group of feathered friends sharing a tree branch.

Furchester Hotel episodes will play out as follows:

Episode 1: A Big Bird Surprise (Monday 31 October)

When Elmo’s friend Big Bird comes to stay at the Furchester, finding him a place to sleep becomes a big problem. Elmo and Phoebe show Big Bird to his room, the Nest Suite, but Big Bird is far too big for the nest. Elmo and Phoebe suggest he have a sleep-over in their room instead, but he’s too big for their bunk bed too. Things start to look up when Big Bird finally falls asleep in Harvey P. Dull’s favourite chair, but the lobby is far too noisy when the teatime monsters run past on their way to tea. It’s a total catastrophe! With no place for Big Bird to sleep, it’s time for the Furchesters to put their furry heads together and think of a solution.

Episode 2: The Hotel Robot (Tuesday 1 November)

The Furchester Hotel takes delivery of its very own robot helper, Dot Bot. It’s a huge help at the hotel until Dot Bot malfunctions and eats all of Cookie Monster’s cookies! It’s soon running around the hotel completely out of control. The Furchesters need to find a way to catch it and turn it off before it upsets any more guests.

Episode 3: Gonger’s Gong’s Gone (Wednesday 2 November)

Two penguin guests borrow Gonger’s gong to use as a sledge. Without it, how will Gonger tell the monster guests that it’s time for tea? The Furchesters need to work together to find another gong for Gonger.

Episode 4: Chick Swagger (Thursday 3 November)

The world’s most famous Rock ‘n Roll Rooster, Chick Swagger, is coming to the Furchester Hotel to perform his hit song The Tail Feather Shake, but he’s late. The Furchesters need to keep his chicken fans distracted whilst they wait!

Episode 5: Bunk Bed Blues (Friday 4 November)

Phoebe gets annoyed with Elmo when she thinks he doesn’t want to take turns sleeping in the top bunk bed. When Elmo can’t figure out why Phoebe is upset with him, he asks Auntie Funella, Uncle Furgus and Cookie Monster for help.

(Times to be confirmed.)