Five tips for keeping kids safe and healthy on way to school

The American Planning Association has come up with five things which parents can do as their kids return to school, to keep them both healthy and safe on the journey to and from school.

  1. Conduct a “Neighbourhood Walk Audit” to inventory your neighbourhood’s sidewalks and bicycle routes and determine if they are safe.
  2. Map out “Best Walking Routes” for your and other neighbourhood children to get to school.
  3. Organize “Walking School Buses” in your neighbourhood so children can make the journey to school together with an adult.
  4. Form a “Parent Eyes Group” enlisting parents along walking and biking routes to take turns being “eyes on the street.
  5. Create a “Safe Routes to School Team” by bringing in all the interest groups that have a stake in encouraging kids to walk.

More information from the APA web site.