Family Relationships Magazine is the #72 British parenting blog

Wow, we’ve actually made it on to a “top 100” list! Thanks to Totsy’s Place for publishing the the first ever Tots100 Index of British Parenting Blogs and Bloggers and for ranking us at number 72.

The ranking is actually based on some pretty nifty online measurements, namely

  1. Technorati Authority: number of blogs linking to this blog in the last six months
  2. Technorati Inlinks: number of inbound links, excluding self-referring hits
  3. Yahoo Inlinks: number of inbound links in last six months (excl self-referring hits)
  4. Google Blog Hits: number of posts/links/weblinks in Google
  5. Google Hits Recent: number of links from the last 30 days
  6. Readers: number of subscribers based on Feedburner and Google Reader
  7. HowSociable: the blogger’s visibility outside the blog, measuring activity on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Don’t worry if that’s all gobbledygook to you – basically it’s just a measure of how many people are linking here and interacting with us.

It’s quite an honour to be listed next to a number of fabulous parents who are blogging personally and passionately about their kids and their lives.

The top ten is as follows:

  1. Petite Anglaise
  2. Wife in the North
  3. Jo Beaufoix
  4. Alpha Mummy
  5. My Boyfriend is a Tw@t
  6. Crystal Jigsaw
  7. Babyccino
  8. A Modern Mother
  9. Single Parent Dad
  10. Notes from Inside my Head

The press announcement also offers up five tips for being a “Mummy Blogger”

  1. Sign up for an account with a blog provider. Blogger is free and simple to use. Typepad and WordPress are a little more complex, but offer more features (for a price).
  2. Choose a blog name and write your profile. Think about how much personal information you feel comfortable sharing – you can always remain anonymous.
  3. Start writing! A blog is a bit like an online diary, but there are no rules on what you can write about. Recipes, days out, comment on the news – whatever you like. Just make it authentic, and remember to update once a week or more.
  4. If you want people to read your blog, make sure you read other people’s blogs. Include links to their work on your blog, and try to leave comments on their blogs. Eventually, people will start to visit and comment on your blog, too.
  5. As you settle into the ‘blogosphere’, consider creating a blogroll (a list with links to your favourite blogs) and creating an RSS feed (a simple way of publishing your blog content in a form that people can subscribe to).

So, thanks for compiling the list, Talking Tots.