Family on TV: UK guide 2nd-8th March 2009

Welcome to a new feature at Family Relationships Magazine, where we highlight the pick of family-related British TV for the week.

Note that not all programmes are suitable for the whole family to watch, but rather is programming on the subject of families and relationships.

So, we kick off with the final part of this series of Who Do You Think You Are (Monday 2nd March, 9pm, BBC1; 10pm, BBC HD). This week, Kevin Whateley discovers that his family had significant business acumen, with his great-grandfather running a fishing empire and 18th-century relatives being turkey traders.

These documentaries are generally fascinating insights into the lives of celebrities and can often inspire us to research our own family history.

Baby Borrowers USA (Thursday 5th March, 9pm, BBC Three) follows the teenagers who have to deal with tantrums, disciplining and potty training when they are given toddlers to care for.

A new three-part series, Rocket Science, begins on Friday 6th March at 9pm on BBC2. With the number of youngsters studying science declining fast, teacher Andy Smith hopes to convince pupils at Woodchurch High School in the Wirral that the subject can be fun by showing them how fireworks are linked to chemistry and physics.