Excessive pregnancy weight can lead to overweight babies

A new study suggests that women who gain too much weight during pregnancy will give birth to babies with a higher amount of body fat, Medical News Today reports.

This in turn is a possible risk factor for developing childhood obesity.

We’ve already seen reports that children may inherit obesity from their mothers.

Pediatric endocrinologist at Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital and assistant professor at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Jami Josefson MD, said, “”Previous studies have shown that children of mothers who gain too much weight during pregnancy are more likely to be overweight for their age. However, not all these studies accounted for the mother’s diabetes status during pregnancy, which is a known risk factor for offspring obesity.”

The new study evaluated only pregnant women without gestational diabetes, therefore ruling out the chance that this disorder could account for their findings.

Of the 56 mothers the researchers studied, 31 women were within guidelines for pregnancy weight gain, and 25 exceeded the guidelines. The Institute of Medicine recommends that women at a healthy weight before pregnancy gain 25 to 35 pounds while expecting a single baby; overweight women, 15 to 25 pounds; and obese women, 11 to 20 pounds.

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