European Union to set up dedicated “Missing Children” hotline

euflag.gifThe EU has plans to set up a single telephone hotline number for the whole of Europe. The new number – 116000 – will be free of charge and is expected to launch this summer.

Whilst a number of the EU’s 27 member states already have their own systems in place, this is the first time a single union-wide scheme has been put in place.

The BBC reports that “At least 120,000 children are known to live outside their home country without supervision in the EU, according to a European children’s organisation.”

“I am delighted that today the first major step towards a single EU hotline number for missing children has been taken,” EU Telecom Commissioner Viviane Reding said.

“I urge member states to act now to make this a reality, so that Europe’s parents will soon know that they are able to call this number and get immediate help.”