ERGObaby introduces the Heart2Heart Infant Insert

ergobaby-infant-insertERGObaby has unveiled its newest product, the Infant Insert Heart2Heart, an innovative design with cushioning at the back and bottom to support the natural curvature of a baby’s developing spine.

The ERGObaby carrier, when used with the new Infant Insert Heart2Heart, enables parents to use only one carrier for all the years of a baby’s growth, and keeps parents close to their baby — all while being HandsFree.

ERGObaby USA, Inc. was created seven years ago when Karin Frost, owner and designer, needed a comfortable and supportive baby carrier for her own son. The ERGObaby carrier is now distributed all over the world and offers an entire line of products that supports babies and parents in a loving and attached way. In addition to the Infant Insert Heart2Heart, six new carriers are being introduced at the ABC Kids Show in Las Vegas, as well as several new accessories.

ergobaby-infant-insert-2“We are so excited to bring these products to market for the benefit of new babies, and to support parents who want to carry their babies in a comfortable way,” said Karin Frost. “Our ultimate goal is to educate and promote baby carrying internationally.”

ERGObaby has worked hard to ensure that the design of the new ERGObaby Infant Insert Heart2Heart supports the development of newborn babies. ERGObaby has researched the available expert opinions and analyses regarding baby carrying and physical development of the newborn baby. Based on this research ERGObaby has designed the ERGObaby Infant Insert Heart2Heart to position the newborn baby in a way that experts agree is conducive to its proper development. And, as always, ERGObaby has taken into account the comfort of the parent or caregiver of the newborn baby.

ERGObaby has received numerous awards, including the iParenting Outstanding Product, Parenting Magazine’s Top 20 Products in 20 Years, JPMA Safe Product Award, and’s Top Gear and Great Gear of the Year. ERGObaby has also received numerous celebrity endorsements.

Costs just $25 and is available now. Product page