Election 2010: Tories’ plans for marriage-friendly taxes questioned 1

With the country still tentatively coming out of recession, it’s been difficult getting exact budgetary figures from any of the major political parties.

We know that the Conservative Party has been talking about family values for a long time now, but now that the General Election is looming, its plans to introduce taxes that benefit married couples are being scrutinised.

The Financial Times reports that the party has refused to comment on its speculation that £1bn would be ploughed into benefiting married couples.

Speculators believe that the Tory party could scale back the plan to give all married couples a single transferable tax allowance, instead opting for something that benefits newlyweds or those parents with under-3s.

Unfortunately, it seems likely that we won’t get any specific answers from any party until after the election, and even if we do, things often change once they get into power.

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