Election 2010: Conservative Manifesto: What’s in it for families? 2

After yesterday’s breakdown of the Labour Party Manifesto comes the Conservatives’ attempt to win over voters.

How does the Tory plan for Government affect families? Here are the main points gleaned from their manifesto.


The Conservative Party plans top scrap tax credits for families with an overall income of over £50,000 per year.

Additionally, Child Trust Funds will be scrapped for all but the poorest third of families, or families with disabled children.

“Most Family-Friendly Country in Europe”

The Conservatives want to “make Britain the most family-friendly country in Europe”, believing that “strong families are the bedrock of a strong society”.

Key policies designed to help families include:

  • Freezing Council Tax for two years: could save families up to £219 (Band D).
  • Extend the right to request flexible working to every parent with a child under 18, and to all those in the public sector.
  • Oblige Job Centres to ask employers if vacancies can be advertised on part-time/flexible basis.
  • Sharing of parental leave.
  • Free nursery care for pre-school children.
  • Encourage couples to use existing relationship support.
  • Introduce measures to reverse the commercialisation of childhood, including stronger powers to regulate online marketing activity.
  • Return Sure Start back to original purpose of early intervention, increase focus on neediest families, better involve organisations with a track record in supporting families. Increase Sure Start health visitor number by 4,200.


The Conservative Party has committed to improving education, with measures including:

  • every child should have access to good teachers, by increasing the status of the teaching profession to attract the best people.
  • introduce simple reading test for all six-year-olds.
  • allow all state schools the freedom to offer the same high quality international exams that private schools offer.
  • allow any good education provider to set up new Academy schools.
  • extra funding for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The full manifesto can be read/downloaded here.

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