Economy driving mums to buy second-hand for their babies. Is that so bad?

proud-parentsThe state of the economy and the need to watch the pennies means that more new and expectant mums than ever before are buying baby goods second-hand.

A survey found that nine out of ten mums had bought three or more second hand items to save money, with 300% more parents buying seconds this year compared to last year.

Prams, pushchairs and cots topped the list. A quarter of mums said everything they’d bought was second hand.

One couple surveyed had saved up £1,500 which they estimated would just about cover the cost of pushchair, cot, car seat, clothing, a month’s worth of nappies and feeding equipment. By buying second hand, the couple managed to reduce this amount to only £575.

Is there still a stigma attached to buying baby essentials second hand? Presumably it’s not putting anyone off actually doing it.

Given the relatively short lifespan many products have, even though they get a lot of use during that time, it makes sense to hand or sell on goods to others who can make use of them. So long as they’re still in good working order and are clean, safe and hygienic, it’s a good thing.

It’s great to buy new things, or have them bought for you, but parents with extended family and friend networks may also find generosity offers them free hand-me-downs.

Reusing equipment is also a lot greener, too.

Photo by Comsic Kitty