easidream: a revelation for Sleep Deprived Parents

easidreamAsk any new parent what the most difficult thing they have to overcome is, and the majority of them will say sleep deprivation.

easidream is a clinically tested baby sleep aid that helps to ease the transition from womb to world by gently mimicking rocking sensations that baby experienced whilst still in the womb. This ‘womb experience’ helps to trigger a calming reflex in baby so reducing crying time and inducing quality sleep.

During trials, the use of easidream saw babies settle down to sleep much quicker and average crying times were reduced from 18 minutes to less than one minute.

It can be used from birth in almost any cot and helps baby establish a healthy sleep pattern that will benefit the whole family. easidream is the brainchild of mum of six Lynda Harding who came up with the idea after struggling to get her youngest son (now 7) to settle down to sleep.

The development of easidream has been a long process but now she is about to see all of her hard work and determination come true.

“easidream is an independent and retro-fitted sleep aid that fits snugly into a normal cot,” explained Lynda. “It works by stimulating the rocking feeling of being cradled by placing a pneumatic pad underneath the cots mattress. It also encourages babies to fall asleep on their backs, which is proven to be the safest sleeping position for babies under six months old.

When you are sleep deprived yourself you are tempted adopt high-risk methods of encouraging your baby to sleep such as lying them ‘front down’ or letting them sleep on the sofa or in bed with you. If used from day one easidream will allow your baby to settle straight into a healthy sleep pattern and no one needs to get over tired.”

How does it work?

A slim line ventilated platform fits under your baby’s cot mattress. Air tubing links this to a control unit that operates the functions. The platform can either rock gently from head to toe or roll gently from side to side. There is a timer for up to 45 minutes and a choice of 2 speed settings, one in time with mum’s resting heartbeat and a slower speed setting that can be used for weaning off at a later stage. The platform is pneumatically powered so there are no worries about anything electrical being in the cot. In the early stages of your baby’s life easidream can even be used in a moses basket. You just place the platform on the floor and place the basket on top.

A plush ‘dream’ sheep called Ewan can be attached to the bars of the cot by his velcro tail (or sit him by the basket). Ewan has a choice of four soothing heartbeat sound combinations plus a warm glowing pink light. The light can be activated at the same time as the sound and both last around 20 minutes.

Working together, the platform and ewan provide soothing motion with calming sounds and glow and in a short time you can create the perfect combination to help your baby drift off into a long and peaceful sleep.

Trials were carried out using babies and parents from a Hampshire nursery by university researchers from the Brighton School of Nursing and Midwifery. The sleep diaries that the parents kept revealed to researchers that the average crying time reduced dramatically and the time taken for babies to settle dropped, in some cases by 90 per cent.

easidream has already been shortlisted as a finalist at the Baby Product Association Concept Awards.

The following people / companies were also instrumental in bring easidream to market.

Maddison Design Ltd, of Fittleworth, West Sussex
GBE Designs Ltd, of Goring, West Sussex
Maggie Stewart, from the University of Brighton’s School of Nursing and Midwifery.

Available from the end of this month, priced around £249 for the easidream system and £24 for Ewan the dream sheep.

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