Driver Dan story train puzzles now available from Ravensburger

Driver Dan’s Story Train, the CBeebies storytelling animated adventure, is a big hit with kids on the preschool channel every week, and now Ravensburger has launched two new puzzles for eager fans.

The puzzles feature all the main characters from the show including Driver Dan, the story telling lion, Loopy the green stegosaurus and Precious the camel. Each design shows the characters within a brightly coloured setting, thereby ensuring plenty of puzzling fun as they assemble the scenes!

Little ones who want to recreate their favourite moment from the show will be able to choose either a 24-piece Giant Floor Puzzle or a 3-in-a-box set which gives them three different puzzles in one!

Available now from Amazon, the giant puzzle costs £8.99 while the 3-in-a-box puzzles are £6.99.

Ravensburger Driver Dan 3 in a Box Jigsaw Puzzles
Ravensburger Driver Dan Giant Floor Puzzle (24 Pieces)